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Schedule Zoom Meeting in Outlook in Your Browser

Schedule Zoom Meeting in Outlook in Your Browser
Schedule Zoom Meeting in Outlook in Your Browser

To schedule a zoom meeting through outlook in the browser, open outlook in your browser and switch over to the calendar tab from here click, the new event button there's a dot more options menu all the way on the right.

If you click that you'll notice that zoom is one of the options, select add a zoom meeting it's important to note that if you haven't already connected your zoom account, you may be prompted to log in, if that happens click login with SSO.

And in the domain field on the next page type in Elon then, click continue you'll be prompted to log in like you normally, do once you get this far zoom will take all of the meeting information automatically generate it and paste it into the description for your meeting at this point.

Schedule Zoom Meeting in Outlook in Your Browser
Schedule Zoom Meeting in Outlook in Your Browser

You would just finish filling out the meeting based off of how you normally would so you would set a date a time and list your attendees once you're done just go ahead and click save the meeting will be scheduled in outlook but the meeting will be held in zoom.

Today we're going to be looking at some of the features that are not available by default, when you first Ron zoom some of the things, that we'll be discussing today are how to enable breakout rooms in your zoom conference, call how to turn on nonverbal communication.

How to have more extensive control over what participants can and cannot do those advanced features can only be turned on from the command center that is accessible to the website, so head over to Zoom dot your ass and sign in if you have an account.

If you don't have an account with zoom sign up for free, once you've done that click on my account once you've accessed your account click, on settings let's have a look at some of the settings that you can turn on or turn off to have a bad experience with zoom.

First setting today we're gonna have a look at as join before host: if turn on that participants will be able to join the meeting before you even there, I normally have this on/off if I'm not there then participants will be put on hold until I join the meeting the next very important option that you need to look at.

And probably turn on is mute participants upon entry if we turn this option, on Zoom will do two things first it will automatically mute all the participants, during the meeting the second thing only you as a host will have control as to who you will unmute.

And at what time this feature is especially helpful if you host a meeting with many participants where some people might not necessarily, know how to mute themselves at the beginning of the meeting and this will create some disturbance some echoes and interference.

Zoom Advanced Features Tutorial

When I know that I will be holding a meeting with lots of people and some of the people might not be users of zoom, I normally have this toggle on, I don't need to worry about external noises interfering with a meeting.

Then what I need to invite someone to speak, I can simply unmute them and then mute them, when their time is finished the next option that you might want to have a look at is chat, and whether this feature will be on and on largely depends on the context of your meeting.

Schedule Zoom Meeting in Outlook in Your Browser
Schedule Zoom Meeting in Outlook in Your Browser

I normally turn it off when I have a class, I want to limit the number of things that can distract students when internal chat function it will automatically, turn off private chat as well private chat is where participants can send messages to one another.

I think it's important to know that it can disable chat, or you can disable private chat separately again depending on the context, but do know that you can disable both chat and private chat moving down a lace another option that.

I found a useful low house to put attendees on hold, I normally turn this feature on it doesn't hurt to be able to temporarily remove some attendees from the meeting you never, know what will happen during the meeting and having this function is really helpful moving down the lace screen sharing nowhere.

We can select who will be allowed to share, the screen during the meeting is it only host or all participants again, it depends on the context of your meeting, I normally have it on all participants and having participants muted only you can invite them to share their screen related to screen sharing is a remote control during.

Screen sharing if the remote control is on the person who's sharing can allow others to control this shared content again it's down to you,  how you would like to share this screen, I normally leave it off so when I share the screen no one else can interact with this content the next feature which.

I believe is really helpful especially, when you hold meetings with a large number of participants and you need to have a way of collecting feedback, and it's normally not a good idea to ask people individually you will have to unmute them then mute them again.

But if you just want to ask one question and have an instant feedback, that nonverbal feedback is the way to go when nonverbal feedback is turned on if you click on participants, or manage participants all participants will have access to non-verbal clues like yes.

If I click yes yes will appear next to my name here, if I click no again this sign will appear next to my name there are thumbs up there thumbs down clap hands,  go faster, and as a host you can then clear them all.

I believe it's a very useful tool when you're running a meeting with many participants, and they need to collect needs and feedback this feature is off by default but, I encourage you to turn it on moving on to advanced settings breakout rooms is off by default.

If you turn it on and run the meeting zoom will enable you to assign participants to break out rooms, a new button will appear on your user interface, and then because I only have one participant now there's no way.

I can use this feature you can manually assign participants to group break them out, for let's said it's a small discussion if you're running a lesson or a lecture and then bring them back together for, a whole class instruction this feature is all by default but.

I think it's a very available feature if you're using zoom for instructional purposes the next feature that is a game-changer if you're an educator and using the zoom to deliver online lessons its attention tracking if when this feature is on.

When you share your screen you will see an indicator in the participation panel, if a meeting or webinar attendee does not have zoom-in focus during your screen sharing, I think it's a wonderful feature to have to see whether your students are following your screen sharing.

Or not and then you can gently remind them probably to get back to zoom, one tip for you as a host is when you turn on any of these features, let's say if you turn nonverbal communication it's important to let participants know how to use them.

When I normally do, I share my screen I click Share and then desktop one for my participants to use nonverbal communication out, struggling them go to participants and you will see this non-verbal clues, we're going to ask the question is the audio okay if the audio is ok.

Click yes if the audio is not ok and you cannot clearly hear me clearly, say no so make sure you instruct your participants as to, what is going to happen if using breakout rooms make sure that you notify them that we're gonna be using breakout rooms.

Now can you have time to discuss something with your colleague and so forth make sure, you share your screen first, and then instruct your audience as to what do you expect from them using the features these are the features that are normally customized.

When I host the meeting do remember that once you customize the settings in the control center they'll be applicable to all the meetings that are running if you want to change the meetings make sure you do that. 

Schedule Zoom Meeting in Outlook in Your Browser

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