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How to Use Zoom in Moodle (vle) Download free

How to use ZOOM in Moodle
Hi, today I'm gonna show you how to get a zoom API for Moodle, so first I'm gonna do is write in Google search engine zoom API. 

Then you've got a long explanation here, but what you need to do is simply go into an account get an account, and then go into creating an app the create app is next to my app so I've got two apps okay.

Create app what you need to know and let me take, you to my app if we're talking about Moodle, okay you need to first of all sign in or sign up depending on whether you have an account or not okay and I'm next, I'm going to go into the manage, okay. These are my three apps, so what to create an app you simply click on the create an app. 

Build an app game but before that let me go into this app to see it's, only in the giraffe form I haven't gone through with the process.

But you need to get the redirect and the redirect has to be correct for you. So you go in to build an app under desktop and then JWT so you click.

You will be able to see the create click on it and then you write the name of your app, so this could be a test one. 

I'm just gonna write a test and then level choose the app type. it's going to be by the admin would you like to publish this app on zoom' app.

You click on create okay, next what you need to do is you need to add your client. So we go into developing a new app.

So again build not gonna use this one even though that's the one you need to do I'm just going to do another one, so I'll write the name of the app.

Remember to write the redirect URL, so let me show you my app so you get an idea, then you continue and everything is saved event subscription chats ok account level. 

So let's go into manage hmm so you see I get an idea what it looks like the name you could have a short description of the company.

If you wish no need for my name and then privacy support URL if you have that and then that's it okay that's as easy as it is. So try it and let me know. 

Here's a view of the JWT that's what you're getting for your Moodle, an expiration time. It works alright everything really really works and in order to show you how it works let me take you to my Moodle.

You need to install Moodle, so if I go into admin, I'm going to go into installing, so you go into plug-in plugins going to install zoom from moodle.org or you can save it and choose the file here. so I'm sure you'll know how to do it.

Next, let me go into a course to show you how it works in a course, so I'm going to choose a course cak. The first thing you do is turn editing on to do that and then you go into a section. 

Let me just choose a section here, this is, of course, that's so complete nobody can enroll it alright. 

Next, I'm going to go into adding an activity just like any other activity this is a Moodle activity open it up, and then it goes according to alphabetical order.

Notice I also have was IQ and I have BBB which comes well you need to install it all right so it's going to zoom you need to have paid the basic pay for zoom account I'll write the topic.

I'm going to call it to test description I don't need the time I'm gonna make it, for now, so 120 then. I'm gonna have everything off, save and display.

That's how it goes and then I'm just gonna start the meeting because this is the right time until the meeting time is ready. You'll see that nothing here won't say start meeting I'll say that starting and that sector comes to zoom.

So I usually stop the recording at the beginning until everybody has joined the meeting. I'm ready, so that's zoom free if you're interested in knowing how to use the zoom. So it may take some time the recording won't appear the meeting will stay.

You'll have to delete it in your zoom account, now what's interesting here is that this meeting will also appear in your zoom account so let's go into zoom into my zoom account. 

log in my. the accounts are open I see that's just great usually, it's not, and I'm going to go into meetings there we are I notice it appears here too so I can start the meeting from here. I can start it from Moodle and I can also share the information.

How to Use Zoom in Moodle (vle) Download free

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