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Plugin Zoom for Outlook Download Free

Plugin Zoom for Outlook Download Free
Hello, is today I'm going to show you how to install the outlook plugin for zoom This article. 

Communications which I love so I have outlook running and just so you know, I'm running outlook with an office 365 home. but I'm on outlook for the desktop. 

I'm going to jump over to this website zoom dot us slash downloads, there is the download center zoom client for meetings zoom plugin for Microsoft.

The outlook that sounds like what I want let's download it and if you notice there's the one if you want to do it for. 

Outlook on the web right below it, but I pick this one let's run it close outlook and restart is the message. 

Here so let's do that there's outlook again close outlook. closed restart outlook office 365, let's see if it worked I'm going to go to the calendar in the bottom left corner.

There is now scheduled a meeting and start instant meeting This article. off check for updates let's see if the scheduled meeting works and I'm gonna stop here if it pulls up so there you go that is how you download the plugin.

I didn't schedule the meeting because it wants a start time and stop time but it is working.

Outlook Training - Schedule ZOOM Meeting

Now, you will learn how to schedule a zoom meeting through outlook. How to modify those meeting settings and how to add a co-host to your meeting.

Welcome to this article on how to schedule a zoom meeting through Outlook. While This article was created for internal company training.

You may find it useful in your business as well so let's jump right in okay. so to schedule a zoom This article conference in using the outlook this is making the assumption.

Plugin Zoom for Outlook Download Free Now

That you have the zoom plug-in already installed on your machine, and you can you'll know that if you have these little icons up on the top to schedule a meeting.

Go ahead and open up the ER calendar in Outlook and select your time, and whoever else you're going to have to join you at the meeting I'm going to use Kathleen as my example.

Scheduling a meeting for May the 23rd at we're going to schedule it at 10:30 a.m.

so to schedule, a meeting goes ahead and do. A new meeting with all and populate the fields with your subject line and any information that. You wish to share for this meeting from there.

You are going to turn this into a zoom meeting by clicking on this icon right here. Schedule a meeting that will open up the zoom dialog meeting box with all of the options for this meeting by default these settings.

Maybe unique to you depending on what your defaults are but you can modify, these per meeting starting at the top with the Training by default - set - as I. 

Joined the meeting my Training was on as well as the participants this meeting is also set so that participants can join by either computer audio or using a dial-in phone number. 

Some other settings to pay attention to are going to be the meeting options. If you wish to have a required password to join this meeting.

You would this one right here an Abel join host before meeting this one is very important right here so that your participants can join before you.

Actually, start the meeting as the host so they don't get an error message they're basically put into a waiting room so this is one that I recommend that you do have checked you can mute participants upon entry.

You can use your personal meeting ID you can record the meeting automatically. You can force the join URL in the field location this is one that I recommend, that you leave on and then.

You can insert the zoom meeting invitation above the existing text or whatever it is that you had typed in here into the meeting invite you. to add an alternative host which will be this section right down here the purpose for doing this is.

If you join schedule a meeting and for whatever reason, you cannot make it to that meeting an alternative host can facilitate the meeting for you. 

Basically, to join to designate somebody as an alternative host, you just put their email address in here. so I'm going to put Kathleen as the alternative host.

once all of your settings are set to where you want them for this meeting you just go ahead and hit continue and it will populate your email with the invitation for yours. 

Invitees to click to join the meeting you sit send and, that's it your zoom meeting has been scheduled you're just waiting for your participants to accept the meeting and join you thank you. 

Plugin Zoom for Outlook Download Free - now downloads plugin zoom for Microsoft Outlook below.

Plugin Zoom for Outlook Download Free

Zoom Desktop Client For Windows, Version 5.2.0 Or Higher

If you are looking for a zoom desktop client for Windows, version 5.2.0 or higher, you are right to visit this website.

In the article below there is a list of zoom desktop clients for Windows, version 5.2.0 or higher that you can read or visit.

We also describe some zoom desktop client for Windows, version 5.2.0 or lower.

Not only desktop Zoom, but we also provide Zoom for iOS, macOS, Android, and Linux. 

Below we also provide information about the latest Zoom updates, to make it easier for you, including the following:
  1. Zoom Client Version 5.1.3 (28656.0709) Download Here
  2. Zoom Version 5.2.0 (42619.0804) Download For Windows Here
  3. Zoom Version 5.2.1 (44052.0816) Download For Windows Here
  4. Zoom version 5.2.1 (44040.0816) Download For macOS Her
  5. Zoom Version 5.2.1 (44038.0816) Download For iOS Here
  6. Zoom Version 5.2.446620.0816 Download  For Linux Here
  7. Zoom Version 5.2.2 (45108.0831) Download For Windows Here
  8. Zoom Version 5.2.3. (45120.0906) Download For Windows Here
  9. Zoom Version 5.3.0 (52651.0920) Download  For Windows Here
  10. Zoom Version 5.3.1 (52877.0927) Download For Windows Here
  11. Zoom Version 5.3.2 (53291.1011) Download For Windows Here
  12. Zoom Version 5.4.1 (58698.1027) Download For Windows Here
  13. Zoom Version 5.4.1 (58698.1027) Download For macOS Here
  14. Zoom Version 5.4.1 (58706.1028) Download For iOS Here
  15. Zoom Version 5.4.2 (58740.1105) Download For Windows Here
  16. Zoom Version 5.4.3 Download For Windows Here
  17.  Zoom 5.4.6 (59296.1207) Download For Windows Here 

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