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Zoom Version 5.4.1 Download For macOS

Download Zoom Version 5.4.1 (58698.1027) For macOS

Download Zoom Version 5.4.1 (58698.1027) For macOS
Download Zoom Version 5.4.1 (58698.1027) For macOS

The latest information for Zoom users who use macOS, that Zoom has released the latest version, namely Zoom Version 5.4.1 (58698.1027) on October 28, 2020, from the previous Zoom Version, namely Zoom version 5.4.0 (58631.1025) on October 26, 2020.

Zoom 5.4.1

Zoom 5.4.1 is an application that can be used for video calls or video conferencing. For now, Zoom 5.4.1 is one of the applications that is widely used by institutions and individuals.

During the COVID 19 pandemic, people are working from home, learning from home, and teaching from home.

Zoom 5.4.1 Feature

  1. Zoom has an HD video feature
  2. Zoom has a webinar scheduling feature
  3. Zoom can record video meetings or webinar activities
  4. Zoom users can interact directly
  5. Zoom also has a chat feature
  6. Zoom invitations can easily be shared via email or other social media
  7. Zoom equipped with a share screen makes it easy for users to display slide        presentations
  8. Zoom Basic provides a webinar participant capacity of up to 100 people for 40    minutes
  9. Zoom provides facilities for users who register for the first time or use Zoom for the first time, for webinars or meetings for more than 2 hours.

Experience using Zoom 5.4.1

I've been using Zoom 5.4.1 for several months, Zoom 5.4.1 I can carry out learning online.

I happened to be a final student at one of the universities. The university I am studying for this semester is conducting online learning.

Me, friends and lecturers learn and teach using Zoom 5.4.1 as a communication tool or do video conf.

Zoom version 5.4.1 really helps us in the online learning process organized by the university. Likewise with other universities around the world.

According to my knowledge, from various information that I got on the internet, now there are many tuition-free online universities.

Enhanced Zoom 5.4.1 feature

General Features:

  • Synchronize subfolders on cloud contacts 
  • During the process of synchronizing contacts from Office 365, the current Sub-Folder will be synchronized in addition to the main contact folder.
  • For Zoom users from Government, the login process is improved

Meeting or Webinar Features

Zoom users can schedule a meeting with a join arrangement before the meeting organizer or webinar allows participants to join in 5, 10, or 15 minutes before the predetermined schedule.

Meeting Features

  • End-to-end (E2E) encryption for holding a meeting at this point in technical preview. Owners, as well as admins, can enable end-to-end encryption for hosting meetings, and provide additional protection if needed.
  • With Zoom we can share certain applications, such as computer audio sharing, and also optimize the full-screen video.
  • Can change the ring tone, for meeting invitations or phone calls

Chat Features

  • With Zoom version 5.4.1 users can use the starred message feature as well as WhatsApp, and can also filter searches only for starred messages.
  • Admin can set a limit on the file size allowed in the chat.

So If you want to Download Zoom Version 5.4.1 (58698.1027) for macOS, Click Here

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If you have read this article, but do not understand how to download Zoom, install Zoom and register for a Zoom account, please click here.

Zoom Desktop Client For Windows, Version 5.2.0 Or Higher

If you are looking for a zoom desktop client for Windows, version 5.2.0 or higher, you are right to visit this website.

In the article below there is a list of zoom desktop clients for Windows, version 5.2.0 or higher that you can read or visit.

We also describe some zoom desktop client for Windows, version 5.2.0 or lower.

Not only desktop Zoom, but we also provide Zoom for iOS, macOS, Android, and Linux. 

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  12. Zoom Version 5.4.1 (58698.1027) Download For Windows Here
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