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OnZoom The Newest Feature from Zoom.us


OnZoom the newest feature from zoom.us
OnZoom the newest feature from zoom.us

OnZoom is a product that was born from Zoom. OnZoom is an online platform that supports, creativity, persistence, and innovation for Zoom users.

OnZoom was born due to the current world condition that is being hit by COVID-19, which causes business people, entrepreneurs, and organizations to serve all their businesses online, one of which is using Zoom.

That's why OnZoom was born to simplify it all. OnZoom can be accessed for free and paid.

Paid Zoom users will be able to host and monetize events such as fitness classes, stand-up shows. Concerts and improvisations and music lessons.

For the time being OnZoom can only be used in America, but in the future, Zoom strives to make OnZoom can be enjoyed all over the world.

OnZoom is a place where consumers can find and enjoy new exciting and interactive virtual experiences from creative content creators, from large organizations to creative and innovative individual hosts.

So in essence, for you OnZoom users, you can monetize your videos by offering them to potential buyers online. Your video content can be like a Yoga show, cooking, music lessons, etc.

The categories of material that you can offer on OnZoom are as follows:

OnZoom the newest feature from zoom.us
OnZoom the newest feature from zoom.us

  • Education & Family
  • Entertainment & Visual Arts
  • Food & Drink
  • Fitness & Health
  • Home & Lifestyle
  • Community & Spirituality

OnZoom is planned to be available in 2021 in beta, payments can be made via credit card or Paypal, and event tickets can be purchased.

In addition, Zoom will be integrated with a third party application, namely Zaaps, and will allow it to be connected with Zoom calls.

Zoom said that more than 35 companies are building the integration, namely Asana, Atlassian, Box, Cameo, Chorus, Coda, Coursera, Docket, Dot Collector, Dropbox, Gong, Hubspot, Kahoot, Kaltura, LoomieLive.

It is said that Kahoot, a popular quiz platform, will also be integrated directly into Zoom, making it a great experience for Zoom users to take quizzes.

Terms of Using OnZoom

OnZoom the newest feature from zoom.us
OnZoom the newest feature from zoom.us

Use the Zoom desktop client

Windows Users: Zoom Version 5.3.0 (52651.0920) or higher

MacOS users: Zoom Verision 5.3.0 (52651.0920) or higher

Zoom Desktop Client For Windows, Version 5.2.0 Or Higher

If you are looking for a zoom desktop client for Windows, version 5.2.0 or higher, you are right to visit this website.

In the article below there is a list of zoom desktop clients for Windows, version 5.2.0 or higher that you can read or visit.

We also describe some zoom desktop client for windows, version 5.2.0or lower.

Not only desktop Zoom, but we also provide Zoom for iOS, macOS, Android, and Linux. 

Below we also provide information about the latest Zoom updates, to make it easier for you, including the following:

  1. Zoom Client Version 5.1.3 (28656.0709) Download Here
  2. Zoom Version 5.2.0 (42619.0804) Download For Windows Here
  3. Zoom Version 5.2.1 (44052.0816) Download For Windows Here
  4. Zoom version 5.2.1 (44040.0816) Download For macOS Her
  5. Zoom Version 5.2.1 (44038.0816) Download For iOS Here
  6. Zoom Version 5.2.446620.0816 Download  For Linux Here
  7. Zoom Version 5.2.2 (45108.0831) Download For Windows Here
  8. Zoom Version 5.2.3. (45120.0906) Download For Windows Here
  9. Zoom Version 5.3.0 (52651.0920) Download  For Windows Here
  10. Zoom Version 5.3.1 (52877.0927) Download For Windows Here
  11. Zoom Version 5.3.2 (53291.1011) Download For Windows Here
  12. Zoom Version 5.4.1 (58698.1027) Download For Windows Here
  13. Zoom Version 5.4.1 (58698.1027) Download For macOS Here
  14. Zoom Version 5.4.1 (58706.1028) Download For iOS Here
  15. Zoom Version 5.4.2 (58740.1105) Download For Windows Here
  16. Zoom Version 5.4.3 Download For Windows Here

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