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Zoom for windows 7

Zoom for windows 7

Zoom for windows 7
- Since the government implemented a policy to work from home, the Zoom Video Conference application is becoming known and much sought after today. But there are still many who do not know how to use the zoom application.

Zoom is an application that can be used for Video Conferencing, Meetings, Webinars, and other communications.

Zoom is the most widely used app during the COVID 19 Pandemic, as people work from home.

Some universities also do not do offline learning and teaching activities, but universities do online learning and teaching activities that use Zoom.

Zoom can be used in various operating systems whether Windows, iOS, macOS, Linux, Android, and other operating systems.

Zoom Meetings app

Zoom is a video conferencing app that gives you the facility to meet people face-to-face virtually.

Zoom application can also be used for Free to support work activities from home without having to come face-to-face with others.

What's the Zoom App For?

For those of you who have never used Zoom at all, you can download and install Zoom on your laptop or PC as well as your mobile phone and Smartphone for free.

Some of the Zoom for windows 7 features that we can enjoy include: 

  • Zoom has HD Video and Audio facilities
  • Zoom has a Chat feature, which can be used to send messages to other Zoom participants
  • Zoom has a meeting scheduling feature
  • Zoom can also record all meeting activities or webinars online
  • Zoom can also be connected to Youtube
  • Zoom has a share screen facility that can make it easier for Zoom participants to present their slides
  • Zoom invitations can be easily sent via email, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media
  • Zoom also has the facility of changing the background
  • Zoom basic provides meeting facilities for 40 minutes with a capacity of up to 100 participants.
  • Zoom also supports online storage media, both google drive and dropbox.

This Zoom app is used to:

  • Face-to-face Meeting
  • Meeting Conference For Groups
  • Screen Sharing and Chat
  • Recording a Video Call

How To Download Zoom For Windows 7

  • Make sure your Laptop is connected to the Internet
  • Open your usual Favorite Browser
  • Go to Zoom Download Site at – https:// zoom.us/ download
  • Click download button
  • Save File Zoom and save it in your Laptop folder

How To Install Zoom Zoom For Windows 7

  1. Make sure the Laptop is connected to the internet
  2. Download Zoom through the official site – https://zoom.us /download
  3. Click Download and Save in your Laptop Storage Folder
  4. Click 2 times on the file To Perform the installation process
  5. Wait for the zoom installation process to complete

Zoom for windows 7

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